2012 Reno earthquake


8:48 AM, May 13, 2012


7.0 (Richter scale)


9.3 miles


39° 31′ 38″ N, 119° 49′ 19″ W

Countries/Regions affected:

United States






No (inland)

The 2012 Reno earthquake was a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck the city of Reno, Nevada, on May 13, 2012, at around 8:48 AM local time. The epicenter was located directly beneath Reno's West 3rd Street, along a fault that would later show the first signs of the future Mount Reno's impending eruption beneath the city. Direct damage from the quake was heavy, with the collapse of the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino, and heavy damage suffered by City Hall, the Reno Events Center, St. Mary's Regional Hospital, and all other local casinos and buildings, about one thousand forty-eight died total, several hundred in the Silver Legacy's collapse alone, as well as hundreds of already injured patients at St. Mary's Regional, many of whom died when several portions of the hospital's roof caved in. Throughout the Reno metro area, gas, water, and electrical lines were cut off by the quake, leaving several million total without power. Falling of small metal support beams were reported from the Reno Events Center, and falling plaster and bricks were reported at City Hall. Several fissures, similar in length and width to the ones in Chicago during its 7.2 in March were reported throughout the city, though several were reported to have small steam vents erupting through them, and though these were initially dismissed, they were ominous signs of impending annihilation for the city. Effects of the quake were felt as far away as the state capital of Carson City, the California capital of Sacramento, and even as far away as Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Several aftershocks occurred, the largest of which, a 6.3, came sixteen days after the initial quake, on May 29.