Bodhi Elfman

Full Name:

Bodhi Pine Elfman


July 19, 1969




New Nightmare (1994) - TV Studio PA
Mercury Rising - (1998) - Leo Pedranski
Armageddon (1998) - NASA Math Guy
Godzilla (1998) - Freddie

Bodhi Elfman is an American actor, born in Los Angeles, California, on July 19, 1969. He is known for various roles in television and movies, similar to Kevin Conway. Several of his appearances include: Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Mercury Rising, Armageddon, and Godzilla. He portrayed Leo Pedranski in Mercury Rising, with his character being murdered by Peter Burrell (L.L. Ginter) when he wrote his letters to Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) and the Senate Oversight Committee (SOC).