Chicago World Trade Center (CWTC)
Chicago World Trade Center aerial view - Tower 1
Official render of the CWTC Tower 1


300 N. LaSalle Street




2004 - 2006

Construction start:

February 18, 2004


Tower 1: 2500 feet (762 m)
Tower 2: 530 feet

Floor count:

Tower 1: 210
Tower 2: 43

First Mention:

Mercury Rising: Changing Times

The Chicago World Trade Center or CWTC is a complex of skyscrapers, located in Chicago, Illinois, at 300 N. LaSalle Street. Construction on the CWTC started in the cold morning of February 18, 2004, at 8:09 AM local time. It was completed on May 29, 2006, even though it was originally slated to be built in the late 1980's. The CWTC was originally designed by Harry Weese and Associates for Stanley Raskow in 1982.