Death Doesn't Take a Holiday




Season 1

Original Airdate:

April 9, 1999

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Kevin Conway as Joe Lomax
Kim Dickens as Stacey Siebring
James Morrison as Rob Lomax
Robert Beltran as Scott Smith
Laura Dern as Katharine Smith
David Conrad as Patterson
Joshua Jackson as Andrew Ridd
Michael Welch as Young Art
Richard Dean Anderson as Dave Jeffries
Sherilyn Fenn as Amanda Jeffries

Preceded by:

Terror in the Sky

Succeeded by:

The "L" Plan, Part 1

Death Doesn't Take a Holiday is the seventh episode of the first season of Mercury Rising: The Series.


An explosion at the Lake Michigan Overpass kills Scott and Katharine Smith. Simon begins to think he is a curse and soon contemplates suicide. Jeffries races back to Chicago in order to convince Simon not to take his own life, and to reveal a dark tragedy from his own past, one he once believed to be of his own making.


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