The Federal Bureau of Investigation, many times called simply the FBI, is one of over two dozen intelligence branches of the United States government, and is probably the most well-known US intelligence agency, along with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Founded in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation (BOI), it's first director was J. Edgar Hoover, who was instrumental in the formation of the modern FBI. As a result, the Bureau named its national headquarters in Washington, D.C. after Hoover in May 1972, days after Hoover himself died. It has been involved in a minor conflict against secret and semi-rogue sectors of the NSA since June 1998, when Lt. Colonel Nicholas Kudrow ordered then-nine year-old Simon Lynch killed as a result of the boy's violation of Kudrow's Division sector creation: the original MERCURY code. Since February 7, 1999, and the surfacing of Colonel Robert Donaldson's Zero Section, the FBI has escalated its protection of Lynch, with the boy's legal guardian and foster father becoming Special Agent Art Jeffries, the man who rescued and protected him from Kudrow's agents/hit-men, Peter Burrell and Shayes. The Chicago offices of the FBI are located in the Kluczynski Federal Building of the city's Federal Plaza, which also contains the Dirksen Federal Building that houses the US Attorney's local offices as well as multiple federal courtrooms on the ground floor. The Bureau's director is Rob Lomax, older brother of Chicago SAC Joe Lomax.