Mercury Rising: Countdown

Bruce Willis

as Art Jeffries

Miko Hughes

as Simon Lynch

Chi McBride

as Tommy Jordan

Kim Dickens

as Stacey Siebring

Benji Gregory

as Peter Lynch

Amanda Peet

as Simone Jeffries

TV Airdate:

April 19, 2003

DVD Release Date(s):

July 24, 2005

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: 2003

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Shockwave

Mercury Rising: Countdown is the initial installment of the three-part 2003 action-thriller TV movie series that continued the expanded storyline of the original film, shown through the six-season run of The Series. It aired April 18, 2003 on the USA Network.

Plot Summary

It almost appears as if things have gone back to normal, after a harrowing crisis with the Simonovirus attack, and the birth of Art and Simone's first son, Simon Jeffries (eventually nicknamed SJ). But, the day after Simone comes back from the hospital with SJ, Simon gets a call, but the only thing he hears over the phone is a strange crackling. Simon and Art soon find where the call originated from, and discover a nuclear bomb there. With the timer unable to be disarmed, and the planters of the bomb unknown and unable to be found, they are in a race against time to find a way to stop the bomb from annihilating the city of Chicago, and nearly three million people...