Mercury Rising 2 : Final Stand
Mercury Rising 2 Poster
Pre-theatrical release poster


Peter Horosz - Writer and screenplay
TBA - Director
TBA - Producer
TBA - Composer
TBA - Special effects


Miko Hughes - Simon Lynch
Bruce Willis - Art Jeffries
Chi McBride - Tommy Jordan
Benji Gregory - Peter Lynch
Liam James - Joseph Lynch
Kim Dickens - Stacey Siebring
Amanda Peet - Simone Jeffries
Steven Culp - Tom Davis
Preston Bailey - Simon Jeffries
TBA - Abu Al-Renzani

Theatrical Release Date:

November 13, 2011

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Uprising

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: 2012

Mercury Rising: Final Stand (stylized as Mercury Rising²: Final Stand) is a movie, and the first theatrical sequel to the original 1998 film.

Plot Summary

Eight years ago, one young man stood against a threat that nearly annihilated mankind - and won. His genius saved us all from a fiery end. Now, that young man, twenty-two year-old Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes) has two sons and a highly successful career high with NASA's JPL; his adopted father, Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) is now SAC of the Chicago field office and has a son and daughter of his own, while Simon's older brother Peter (Benji Gregory) is now a major in the Army and highly respected for his experience as a war veteran. But, a new threat has been discovered that began in 2003 - a second asteroid, once a main belt object, was knocked out of its orbit that year and is on a collision course with Earth, due to impact November 17, 2011. Simon and his best friend and co-worker, TJ Jordan (Matt Levert) have begun to formulate a new plan to avert disaster, but when Simon is abducted by extremist followers of the deceased Abu Al-Renzani for two months and then returned, he betrays everyone he knows by aborting the plan. It appears that he has been brainwashed by these extremists, and now TJ alone must bear the burden of saving mankind as new meteors begin raining from the sky, and a coerced Simon struggles to save his family as the date draws ever nearer for the world's final stand...