Mercury Rising 3: Full Circle


TBA - Director
Peter Horosz - Screenplay
TBA - Producer
TBA - Executive Producer
TBA - Composer
TBA - Special Effects


Bruce Willis - Art Jeffries
Miko Hughes - Simon Lynch
Chi McBride - Tommy Jordan
Kim Dickens - Stacey Siebring
Benji Gregory - Peter Lynch
Amanda Peet - Simone Jeffries
Liam James - Joseph Lynch
Charlie Tahan - Benjamin Lynch II
Preston Bailey - Simon Jeffries
TBA - Steven Mifflin
TBA - Jon Daubner
TBA - Alexander Forlonsov
TBA - Boris Orlovsky

Theatrical Release Date:

November 16, 2014

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: 2012

Succeeded by:

Season 9

"When one generation goes their separate ways, another must take its place."

Mercury Rising: Full Circle, sometimes known as Mercury Rising³: Full Circle, is a movie, partly based off the original movie, but is more of a continuation of The Series, and its succeeding story.


As the world continues its slow and unsteady recovery after 2012, tensions throughout North America begin to flare-up when gasoline prices soar above ten dollars a gallon, sparking riots that threaten to unravel the fragile balance of peace on the continent. But, when terrorists sabotage several oil refineries and offshore rigs in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, the situation is further tightened, forcing the FBI into one of their most complicated investigations ever. Meanwhile, a situation to the oil crisis is found by none other than twelve year-old Simon Jeffries while creating a project at school science camp, attracting the attention of both the government and the terrorists. With no one around to protect him but his teenage nephews Joseph and Ben Lynch, a race will begin to decide the fate of the civilized world, and start the circle of a new journey...