Mercury Rising: Infection - Earth




N/A; Special Episode

Original Airdate:

June 10, 2005


Peter Horosz - Writer
TBA - Director
TBA - Producer
TBA - Executive Producer
TBA - Composer
TBA - Special Effects



Preceded by:

Season 8

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Unknowns

Mercury Rising: Infection - Earth is the third special episode of Mercury Rising: The Series, that concludes the story arc begun in the Season 8 episode Orbital Three.


It is the year 2118. Earth is under siege from the native, parasitic species that inhabited Neptune's atmosphere, and they are quickly spreading across the planet, consuming the population with terrifying speed. The world's militaries overwhelmed, Simon faces the ethical dilemna of completely exterminating the Consumer race with a powerful new genetic bioweapon, or using powerful new tectonic vibrator weapons to destroy Earth. He chooses the latter. Not minutes later, a quarter of Earth's tectonic plates shatter, the eruption of core magma traveling as far as and destroying Luna. While suffering the shocking reality of what he has just done, Simon orders the FTL engines to activate and for the ship to travel to the Proxima Centauri star system, where several habitable planets are known to be located. While the remainder of the human race resettles in the system, Simon discovers that this wasn't meant to be, and sets out on a journey to make things right again...