Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Incursion
MR Mediterranean Incursion
Front cover of Mediterranean Incursion

Written by:

Peter Horosz


1st edition - May 24, 2011
2nd edition - November 23, 2011

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch
Art Jeffries
Tommy Jordan
Peter Lynch
Simon Jeffries
Joseph Lynch
Karl Decker
Simone Jeffries
Jason Kreuger
Tom Davis
James Clarkson
Jonathan Tomson

Set in:

November 2010 - January 2011



Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Unrest

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Uprising

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Incursion is a novel, and a derivative/continuation of The Series. It is the second of the Mediterranean trilogy.

Plot Summary

It originally began as a humanitarian project, but its effects are far from their original humanitarian goals. Karl Decker, who managed to escape from the US military's strike on the Sears Tower in the late fall of 2009, has implemented the plans, with the help of his second in command, Jason Kreuger. The effects of the creation of the so-called 'Atlantropa' have been witnessed by the entire world; while others have witnessed it firsthand. Simon Lynch, his brother Peter, and Art Jeffries were on a search for Decker and Kreuger in Marseilles, but lost them when sea levels in the port began to drop rapidly. Now, devastating weather events are tearing at the coastlines of the entire Mediterranean, and it seems as if nothing can stop the inevitable destruction that has begun to descend upon the region, perhaps not even a preemptive strike against Decker and Kreuger's forces by US and NATO armed forces....