Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Unrest
MR Mediterranean Unrest
Front cover of Mediterranean Unrest

Written by:

Peter Horosz


1st edition - September 29, 2010
2nd edition - February 22, 2011

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch
Art Jeffries
Tommy Jordan
Peter Lynch
Simon Jeffries
Joseph Lynch
Karl Decker
Simone Jeffries
Jason Krueger

Set in:

May-November 2010



Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Occupation

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Incursion

Mercury Rising: Mediterranean Unrest is a novel, and a derivative/continuation of The Series. It is also the first in the Mediterranean trilogy.


A time of crisis has arrived for the governments of many European and African countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea as their economies border on the verge of collapse. Across the Atlantic, peace has finally returned to America, particularly in Chicago, where the iconic Sears Tower has just been nearly destroyed by the US Army after mobster Karl Decker took over the tower and attempted to kill 250,000 people. Now, Decker and his right-hand man, Jason Kreuger, have resurrected the 1920’s-era plans of German architect Herman Sörgel: a self-sustaining, Mediterranean encompassing community known as ‘Atlantropa’.

And, despite America’s obvious opposition to this, their military isn’t in a position for long, overseas engagments. This even has effects on Simon Lynch’s visit for NASA to an Italian observatory near Rome, as Decker’s forces are advancing across the region, and stirring up...