Mercury Rising: Shockwave


Director - TBA
Producer(s) - TBA

Main Cast:

Bruce Willis - Art Jeffries
Miko Hughes - Simon Lynch
Chi McBride - Tommy Jordan
Barry Van Dyke - President Hughes
Glenn Morshower - Captain Robert Morrison
Soon Tek-Oh - Kenneth Chan

TV Airdate:

August 22, 2003

DVD Release Date(s):

November 29, 2005

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising: Countdown

Succeeded by:

Mercury Rising: Doomsday

Mercury Rising: Shockwave is the second of the 2003 action-thriller TV movie series, that continued the expanded storyline of the original film and is a direct continuation of the first TV movie, Countdown. It aired August 22, 2003 on the USA Network.

Plot Summary

After their heroic efforts in saving Chicago from annihilation by a nuclear bomb, US President Michael Hughes is so impressed by said efforts that he invites Art Jeffries and Simon Lynch for a flight to Los Angeles aboard Air Force One. Just before takeoff, Jeffries gets a phone call, and discovers that the dismantled nuclear bomb has gone missing en-route to a military base for disarmament. The same group of Chinese ultranationalists that kidnapped Simon's girlfriend, Kaitlyn Mercer, have stolen the bomb and are plotting to detonate it along Air Force One's flight path over the Nevada desert. After Jeffries informs Simon and the president about the situation, they attempt to make a landing in Denver, but when a computer virus takes control over the plane's computers, the group leader, Kenneth Chan, ensures that if Simon and Jeffries don't leave the plane immediately, all oxygen will be withdrawn. They comply, and Simon and Jeffries are forced to parachute from the plane over Denver, landing in front of the Denver City Hall. They must now race to Nevada in order to stop the detonation of the bomb, and the death of everyone aboard Air Force One...