Peter Lynch
Peter Lynch, 1997
Peter in November 1997
Biographic data
Full Name Peter Daniel Lynch
Gender Male
Born May 17, 1985 (Age 14)
Status Serving 6-month sentence in juvenile detention, June 1999.
Parents Martin and Jenny Lynch
Sibling(s) Simon Lynch
First appearance
S01E02 Long Lost
Portrayed by Benji Gregory
"Who the hell was that, Simon?
That would be someone I haven't seen since before my parents died: my brother, Peter.
Art Jeffries & Simon Lynch

Peter Daniel Lynch, also known as Pete or simply Peter, is the older brother of Simon Lynch and oldest child of the now-deceased Martin and Jenny Lynch. Peter, under the influence of "...extreme childhood desires of adventure," (and possible hallucinogens), nearly killed Simon in late August 1992 and ran from home, not to be seen by either their parents or Simon until June 5, 1998, just under six years later. (S1 - Long Lost; Regrets)









  • The character of Peter Lynch both didn't exist in and wasn't a part of the original book or film, and as such is not mentioned in either.
  • Peter is 'portrayed' by Benji Gregory, who was born in 1978.