Simon is NOT Home






Season 1

Original Airdate:

February 26, 1999

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:

Peter Horosz


Kevin Conway as Joe Lomax
Leonard Nimoy as Chas Ohlmeyer
Loretta Devine as Jean Washington
Daniel Davis as Cmdr. Kyle Davis
Kaj Erik Eriksen as Michal Simms
David Krumholtz as James Lynch
Kurt Runte as Rudolph Schmidt
Derek Riddell as Arthur Johanson
Robert Beltran as Scott Smith
Laura Dern as Katharine Smith
Joshua Jackson as Andrew Ridd
Michael Weatherly as Jameson
Tia Carrere as Keiko Kimura
Cote de Pablo as Cynthia Brown
Rob Morrow as Rukaski (audio only)

Preceded by:

Mercury Rising

Succeeded by:

Long Lost

Simon is NOT Home, sometimes simply called the The Pilot, is the first episode of Mercury Rising: The Series, and the first episode of the first season of The Series.


Young Simon Lynch's life has more or less returned to normal, or so it seems. After he suffers a major, seizure-like event, no doctor can diagnose his condition. At the same time, former Special Agent Art Jeffries returns to the FBI on temporary duty, but after he learns of the NSA's involvement in this case, he digs deeper than even he wanted, and sets off a firestorm of events that embroil him in a struggle to protect the innocent again... [1]



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