Simple Simon
Simple Simon (book) cover
Paperback cover of Simple Simon

Written by:

Ryne Douglas Pearson


1st edition - July 1996
2nd edition - July 31, 1997

Main Characters:

Simon Lynch
Art Jefferson
G. Nicholas Kudrow
Keiko Kimura
Bob Lomax
Anne Jefferson
Nelson Van Horn

Set in:

Presumed 1998 or 1996


326 (paperback)
256 (hardcover)

Preceded by:

N/A (start of continuity)

Succeeded by:

Simple Simon: A Second Chance

Simple Simon (also titled Simple Simon: A Thriller) is an action thriller novel, written by Ryne Douglas Pearson and first published in July 1996. The book follows the story of an outcast FBI agent who protects a teenage autistic savant from assassins sent by the NSA after he inadvertently cracks a super top-secret government code.

Plot Summary

What was once thought as unbreakable is now broken. A 16 year-old autistic savant named Simon Lynch has cracked a new, extremely expensive, and highly top secret National Security Agency (NSA) code, codenamed 'Kiwi'. The boy is being hunted by assassins of the NSA, sent by Nicholas Kudrow, as he now sees the boy as a liability to national security. A Japanese spy named Keiko Kimura, one who prefers gruesome methods of killing, is also after Simon, but for somewhat different reasons than Kudrow. However, Simon has a protector, an outcast FBI agent named Art Jefferson who fights for what he believes is right for the boy. Before it is all over, Jefferson will have saved Simon from death many times, as the end finally comes when Jefferson schedules a Witness Protection pickup for Simon on the Sears Tower helipad, Kimura is killed at Simon's hands after Jefferson tells him to shoot her, but he prays that "Simon won't remember what he had done." Shortly afterwards, Jefferson sent Simon away on the WP helicopter with Pritchard and Shaun Koster, but they ditch it in Lake Michigan only minutes later. A couple weeks later, Simon and Jefferson say goodbye, as Simon now has foster parents and status in the Witness Protection Program...


Prologue - The Rising Son

1. The Sky is Falling

2. Big Dogs

3. Children of the Eighth Day

4. The Friend Card

5. The Bell Curve

6. Blood Tears

7. Process of Elimination

8. The Fixmeister

9. Mr. Tag and the Red Rocker

10. The Spark

11. Deep Water

12. Missing Links

13. Pebbles

14. The Song and the Dance

15. Offers, Favors, and Worries

16. Downs and Ups

17. Hoods, Inc.

18. Lion Eyes

19. The Stranger

20. Price of Admission

21. Marked

22. Bait

23. Hunt and Peck

24. Dead No More

25. One on One on One

26. Downfall

Epilogue - Stars


  • It is possible that, for an alternate explanation of Pearson's title choice, (though highly unlikely) he chose it after the world's first personal computer, invented in the 1950's, due to the fact that Simon Lynch's mind functioned much like a highly-advanced computer, and that the computer was named Simon as well.


Simple Simon (book) hardcover

Alternate hardcover of Simple Simon.