Stacey Siebring
Stacey nervous at 1st apt, 6-12-1998
Stacey nervous after receiving a mysterious call at her first apartment - June 12, 1998

Full Name:

Stacey Jean Siebring


June 11, 1966 (Age 33)




Charles and Mandy Siebring


Kyle Siebring

Portrayed by:

Kim Dickens

"Listen to me! Look at me! Look, this is not about me - it's about that little boy, and he needs some help. And as far as I can tell, you are a decent, caring person."
Art Jeffries at Stacey's first apartment. June 10, 1998.

Stacey Jean Siebring, also known by Stace, but most often simply referred to by her first name, Stacey, is the daughter of Charles and Mandy Siebring, older sister of Kyle Siebring, and good friend of Art Jeffries and Simon Lynch, as well as Tommy Jordan when they rarely meet together. She first came into contact with Jeffries and Simon early in the afternoon of June 9, 1998, when she was asked by Jeffries to watch over Simon at a coffee shop on East Wacker, saying that he was "...getting a perscription filled for him [Simon]". In reality, he was meeting with Dean Crandell at the Wrigley Building across the Chicago River in an attempt to learn more about who was trying to kill Simon - Crandell's division chief and boss, Nicholas Kudrow. After Crandell's death at the hands of Kudrow's hit-man, Peter Burrell, Jeffries and Simon disappeared, only to end up on Stacey's doorstep at 2:00 a.m. on the next morning (June 10), where Simon stayed for the next 24 hours or so while Jeffries made arrangements for his safety. On June 12, Jeffries returned from his meeting with Kudrow to find the apartment empty, Simon and Stacey gone - on a long walk and quick tour of downtown Chicago before arriving at the IBM Building, where, on the building's GEX Skydeck and Heliport she escorted Simon to meet with Witness Protection that Tommy Jordan had arranged. There, Stacey was nearly caught in the crossfire between Peter Burrell and an FBI SWAT team led by Tommy (who managed to get Stacey behind cover amidst the firefight) himself as Kudrow tried to take Simon away in a helicopter, a plan that was thoroughly thwarted when Burrell was killed as the Skydeck's windows imploded and Kudrow was shot by Jeffries when he tried to drag Simon with him as he fell. All in all, Simon survived thanks due in no small part to Stacey.










Charles Siebring

Charles Siebring (father)

Mandy Siebring

Mandy Siebring (mother)

Kyle Siebring

Kyle Siebring (younger brother)