The "L" Plan, Part 2




Season 1

Original Airdate:

May 7, 1999

Written by:

Peter Horosz

Directed by:



Kevin Conway as Joe Lomax
Sean Murray as Kollin Redar
Shane Meier as Jesse Lynch
Jeremy Foley as Jake Lynch
TBA as Daniel Lynch
TBA as Victoria Lynch
TBA as Mannon James
Jason Autajay as Justin Tao
Brendan Fehr as Mike James
Rob Morrow as Rukaski

Preceded by:

The "L" Plan, Part 1

Succeeded by:

Crash and Burn

The "L" Plan, Part 2 is the ninth episode of the first season of Mercury Rising: The Series, and also the midseason opening episode.


Even as after effects of the "L" attack threaten Simon's visiting cousins, he and Jeffries continue their search for the attack's source, and as they get closer to it, the dangers they face become greater with each step.


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