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Season one of Mercury Rising: The Series first began airing on February 26, 1999 on the USA Network with the pilot episode, Simon is NOT Home. It concluded on July 2, 1999 after the airing of the sixteenth episode, A Big Puzzle, Part 1. The main story arc of the season follows Art Jeffries and Simon Lynch's continuing story, beginning seven months after the movie, through the late winter and spring of 1999 as they battle against the overconfident Colonel Robert Donaldson of the NSA's black-ops Zero Section department, and even Simon's older brother, Peter, somewhat crazed since running from home in August 1992.


Character Portrayed by Main Cast Notes
Simon Lynch Miko Hughes entire season
Special Agent Art Jeffries Bruce Willis entire season
A-SAC Tommy Jordan Chi McBride entire season
Peter Lynch Benji Gregory entire season
Stacey Siebring Kim Dickens entire season
Colonel Robert Donaldson Sam Neill entire season
Major James Striker Gary Oldman entire season


# in series # in season Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate US viewers
1 1 "Simon is NOT Home" Peter Horosz Peter Horosz February 26, 1999 12.03
Young Simon Lynch's life has more or less returned to normal, or so it seems. After he suffers a major, seizure-like event, no doctor can diagnose his condition. At the same time, former Special Agent Art Jeffries returns to the FBI on temporary duty, but after he learns of the NSA's involvement in this case, he sets off a firestorm of events that embroil him in a struggle to protect the innocent again...[1]
2 2 "Long Lost" N/A Peter Horosz March 5, 1999 11.90
Simon is granted a minor government clearance level, and a series of failed threats against him is initially believed to be related, but investigation reveals someone once very familiar to the boy and throws him into a showdown that may test his mental stability.
3 3 "Nerd or Hacker?" N/A Peter Horosz March 12, 1999 13.00
An unexpected earthquake nearly collapses the power grid in Chicago as Simon and Jeffries continue to run from Simon's semi-deranged older brother Peter. But, this still doesn't keep Simon from trying to work his wonders on the grid when he finds a computer, and uncharacteristically fails. The power grid collapses, plunging Chicago into darkness just as the remnants of Hurricane Arlene bear down on the beseiged and beaten city.
4 4 "MERCURY 2000" N/A Peter Horosz March 19, 1999 12.78
Jeffries enters an even more frenzied struggle to keep Simon safe after Donaldson learns that boy is more brilliant than he had ever thought when a highly classified databank is broken into, its protection all but erased; while what Simon retrieves from the databank turns out to be far more than he ever could have bargained for.
5 5 "Split" N/A Peter Horosz March 26, 1999 13.07
Simon has had an unexpected reaction to his access of the classified database, and his abilities grow to new and seemingly boundless heights. But, when he suffers an uncharacteristic mental breakdown, it is discovered that his personality may be fragmenting.
6 6 "Terror in the Sky" N/A Peter Horosz April 2, 1999 11.00
After Simon is kidnapped by Ridd and John Burrell, frantic attempts to rescue him result in drastic measures, with the Air Force being thrust into the ever-growing conflict. But now, Simon's new knowledge enables him to turn the tables on his captors, whom he proceeds to take them hostage.
7 7 "Death Doesn't Take a Holiday" N/A Peter Horosz April 9, 1999 15.00
An explosion at the Lake Michigan Overpass kills Scott and Katharine Smith. Simon begins to think he is a curse and soon contemplates suicide. Jeffries races back to Chicago in order to convince Simon not to take his own life, and to reveal a dark tragedy from his own past, one he once believed to be of his own making.
8 8 "The "L" Plan, Part 1" N/A Peter Horosz April 16, 1999 13.00
When hackers disable the Chicago metro system, it causes an unprecedented disaster, killing over a hundred. Simon is blamed for it, and the only way to clear his name is to find the true source of the attack.
9 9 "The "L" Plan, Part 2" N/A Peter Horosz May 14, 1999 13.85
Even as after effects of the "L" attack threaten Simon's visiting cousins, he and Jeffries continue their search for the attack's source, and as they get closer to it, the dangers they face become greater with each step.
10 10 "Crash and Burn" N/A Peter Horosz May 21, 1999 12.20
After their chartered helicopter crashes in downtown Chicago, Jeffries begins an investigation into the crash, while Simon makes a discovery that could threaten their lives yet again.
11 11 "False Crimes" N/A Peter Horosz May 28, 1999 13.00
An explosion at Meigs Field destroys its main hangar and puts Agent Kollin Redar in a coma. Angelo Breem of the US Marshal believes that Jeffries and Simon are responsible, and after escaping police custody, the two disguise themselves and change their lives to avoid punishment for a crime that they didn't commit...
12 12 "Interruption" N/A Peter Horosz June 4, 1999 10.77
In an unusual manner, Peter requests a meeting with Simon, apparently wanting to make peace. All appears to go well until Peter kidnaps Simon from the meet and escapes the FBI and Army cordon of the area, after which, Simon finds himself in a situation he just might not escape.
13 13 "Rogatum" N/A Peter Horosz June 11, 1999 14.56
Fleeing from Peter, Simon hides in the one place he knows no one will look, and while barely surviving in the midst of a huge storm, he is picked up by CPD, and identifies himself using his alias. At the same time, Tommy and Lomax uncover more info on Peter, and Jeffries faces a new and difficult situation.
14 14 "Regrets" N/A Peter Horosz June 18, 1999 *16.00
The shutdown of the Chicago field office for review, though revealed as the work of Breem, becomes a time that Jeffries takes to research, and uncover a dark secret of the incapacitated Simon, one buried shortly before they met...

Note: Most viewership of season and initial record for series' viewership.

15 15 "The Fall" N/A Peter Horosz June 25, 1999 15.50
The revelation of one of Simon and Peter's darkest secrets changes their relationship for the better as Peter faces the consquences of his actions and a recovering Simon is escorted to meet with President Hughes himself in Washington. And in Chicago, Jeffries is faced with the difficult task as a witness against Peter in trial.
16 16 "A Big Puzzle, Part 1" N/A Peter Horosz July 2, 1999 15.75
Again abducted by a Zero Section team, now personally led by Donaldson, Simon finds himself paralyzed and completely at their mercy, especially as he makes new discoveries within his own mind. On the ground far below, events a long time in coming shut down Zero Section operations and officially declare Donaldson a rogue operative.


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  • [1] - Mercury Rising: The Series website page for Season 1.
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