"Shattering events, major discoveries, and a long-deserved reprieve..."

Season three of Mercury Rising: The Series first began airing on the USA Network on July 7, 2000, with the airing of Leadership, Part 3, and ended on November 10 with Resurgence. This season concluded the Zero Section story arc and visited various other situations, including a secret project from World War II; the theft of a high-tech prototype helicopter through kidnapping of Kyle Siebring, son of its creator Charles Siebring and younger brother of Stacey Siebring; multiple rogue nuclear weapons; and even a devastating tornado that wreaks havoc throughout Chicago and leads to Jeffries' disappearance.


Character Portrayed by Main Cast Notes
Simon Lynch Miko Hughes entire season
Special Agent Art Jeffries Bruce Willis entire season
A-SAC Tommy Jordan Chi McBride entire season
Peter Lynch Benji Gregory entire season
Stacey Siebring Kim Dickens entire season
Colonel Robert Donaldson Sam Neill entire season
Major James Striker Gary Oldman entire season
SAC Joe Lomax Kevin Conway entire season credited as "also starring"


# in series # in season Title Directed by Written by Original Airdate US viewers
33 1 "Leadership, Part 3" Peter Horosz Peter Horosz July 7, 2000 *17.00
Simon's deployment to the Zero Section facility where Peter is being held goes awry when he is trapped by a mudslide and encounters a lone soldier under orders from Donaldson. Meanwhile, Jameson is forced to explain where his true loyalty now lies, but Jeffries and Tommy are understandably skeptical of his change of heart.

Note: Most viewership of season and 3rd record for series' viewership.

34 2 "Leadership, Part 4" N/A Peter Horosz July 14, 2000 16.95
With infiltration of the Zero Section facility achieved, Simon is forced to heavily rely on skill to plan his and Peter's escape, while Peter himself is enduring a mental battle the likes of never before as Jeffries and Tommy muster a force to surround the facility and take it no matter the cost even after Jameson suggests an idea that could end the entire crisis in one fell swoop...
35 3 "Return" N/A Peter Horosz July 21, 2000 15.00
Haunted by visions of what may be his own death, Simon delves deep into his past, deeper than he has ever gone before, in order to prevent these visions from coming true, and learns far more about his family history than he ever thought was possible...
36 4 "Savant²" N/A Peter Horosz July 28, 2000 16.00
An astounding discovery is made when searching through NSA files: a pair of young autistic savants were utilzed to help America's war effort against the Axis Powers from 1942 to 1947...
37 5 "Try to Remember" N/A Peter Horosz August 4, 2000 15.60
A car accident on the freeway leaves Jeffries with no memories of who he is or even who Simon is. While wandering the streets, Simon attempts to jog his memory by recalling past events, to no apparent success, and when a bounty hunter confronts them, Jeffries hands Simon over to him for money. Now, the boy's survival counts on a Jeffries he doesn't even know.
38 6 "Rift and Silence" N/A Peter Horosz August 11, 2000 15.79
Simon disappears for nearly three days, prompting Jeffries to initiate a manhunt, while at the same time, a quartermaster is found dead at the Great Lakes' Naval Station, with the investigation leading to a jurisdiction entanglement between the FBI and NCIS.
39 7 "Whirlwind" N/A Peter Horosz August 18, 2000 16.05
After a devastating tornado rips through the city, Jeffries goes missing during search and rescue operations in the Near-West Side, while Simon fights off looters at their apartment.
40 8 "Requiem for a Child, Part 1" N/A Peter Horosz August 25, 2000 16.10
Stacey's young, autistic brother Kyle receives a death threat as a result of their father's work with the Department of Defense, after which he disappears from his school, leading Jeffries, Tommy, and Simon to Des Moines where they are caught up in yet another jurisdictional entanglement, this one between the local police and DoD.
41 9 "Requiem for Innocence, Part 2" N/A Peter Horosz September 22, 2000 16.25
Simon, Jeffries, and Tommy learn of Charles Siebring's top-secret work designing and building a prototype attack helicopter for the DoD and USAF, which has been extorted by a group of Iraqi militants through Kyle's kidnapping, and is in danger of falling into their hands before the FBI can stop them and discover Kyle's location...
42 10 "Decay" N/A Peter Horosz September 29, 2000 16.00
A series of break-ins across the city has the police baffled, until Jeffries' apartment becomes the latest target. Much to his amusement, the only thing missing is the smoke detector, but Simon soon finds a disturbing connection between it and the threat of a dirty bomb that could kill hundreds...
43 11 "Honor the Code..." N/A Peter Horosz October 6, 2000 16.20
A CIA operative contacts Simon through his SCI-clearance channels, and brings the boy onto an abandoned military base in Kansas, where awaits a decommissioned nuclear ICBM and a highly complex code that could be used to re-arm it...
44 12 "Last Rights" N/A Peter Horosz October 13, 2000 14.89
Donaldson emerges from hiding to plan a series of execution-style wargames to test Simon's resolve and intelligence, and gains far more than he ever bargained for.
45 13 "Mercury Falling" N/A Peter Horosz October 20, 2000 15.02
The planned wargames have almost literally blown up in Donaldson's face, and while Simon continues to outwit the man at every turn, the colonel still has a last-ditch plan...
46 14 "Insanity's End" N/A Peter Horosz October 27, 2000 15.00
Donaldson's capture has proven to be a defining moment in Simon and Jeffries' ongoing struggle with Zero Section, and may finally be the end of their long conflict. Or is it?
47 15 "Bend in the Road" N/A Peter Horosz November 3, 2000 15.90
The recent capture of Colonel Robert Donaldson has proven a major setback, even a permanent one, for his colleagues, and leads them to a drastic measure, one that they just might regret in some ways, but also celebrate in others...
48 16 "Resurgence" N/A Peter Horosz November 10, 2000 16.57
The derailment and crash of the "L" Blue Line trains near O'Hare turns all eyes to Peter, but for once, his hands are clean in the matter, as the computer virus used originated from the remnants of Zero Section. Now, Jeffries, the FBI, and Simon must race against time to stop Zero Section from freeing Donaldson, an event that would render their recent gains wholly worthless...
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